What is Sedabazigar ?

“Sedabazigar” is a book by me ( Majid Habibi ) about how we can be a voice actor with a lasting voice in Persian language!? and also Sedabazigar is my nickname But most people know me with my real name (Majid Habibi). Sedabazigar made up of two words, <<Seda صدا>> (voice) and <<Bazigar بازيگر>> (actor) . this term is an #creative equivalent for introducing me and my profession or my art between people In a unique way. For more info please read my book.

PS : I am not selfish .it was necessary that i gave a brief explanation about this word (Sedabazigar) Once forever but in an international language for all who wanted to know  and sorry because my English isn’t very well

PS : And I use (Sedabazigar) as a username for my social networks profile ))