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Majid Habibi is an Iranian voice actor who is known for Persian voice acting for films, animations, documentaries, video games, film trailers, television advertisements, radio advertisements, network promotions, radio or audio dramas, puppet shows, audiobooks and television programs. He graduated from Soore University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Management.


Sedabazigar is the art of performance and presenting speech in Movies ( dubbing animation and other film genres), computer games, narration and radio drama, film and television trailer, propaganda teaser, puppet show, vocal opera and ( other audio musical works “combination of acting and singing”) speech documentaries, audiobooks, multimedia software and Deklamasyon.

Also “Sedabazigar” is a book by Majid Habibi about how we can be a voice actor with a lasting voice in Persian language!


So far, this art in Iran mentioned as the speaker in general. The speaker in word means who speaks and assign word. But this word is a term that is not comprehensive for this purpose and seems very general. And also many other professions and specialties such as executer of radio, television, meeting and speeches on various ceremony, singer, poets, writer and expert people, thoughtful and thinker have been considered by this title.

In the word voice acting, the purpose of acting is only subsistence not spiritual growth that our purpose is flaunted of art and material in Asghar degrees. On the other hand acting is the nostalgia of (Amo Sabzi Frorosh) uncle vegetable seller in Shahabad track, Rest in peace. Solvent congregation of Pasargadae. The other has been associated, in praise and mourning ceremonies that governor has given us its ability. Also require demand of jurisprudence and the little area of St Petersburg, I suspect voice acting has comprehensive content.

Sedabazigar due to the wide circle of its activity inevitable of gain knowledge, insight, experience and awareness is infinite. Because of this is required in 5 main pillars (literature, acting, expression solfège, nurturing creativity) attain knowledge sufficiently. What is obvious is the lack of competency reference for obligatory education. Where the rules and methods must planned for susceptive. Because of disruptive activities in this art after more than half a century demands university in academic way.

On the other hand many people because of no familiarity and safe and decent place in many ways inculcate in the abyss and field became dumb for me; it is a great regret that so far this conveys from established position in academic environment has failed to gain theorized knowledge and scientific and practical experiences and this cause intentional and unintentional misuse in assemble that require competency and efficiency to teach, transfer, guidance with correct and healthy policy in dynamic environment with no proper output.

To date, everyone who have a name and style in this art by relying on knowledge, personal experience and trial and error have taken steps that not the master do chart effort to transfer nor the student have not been available source and principles and only hasty, patchwork, superficial, far-sighted thought and careful reflection tips; classes in duration of 2 month or a little more for people without basic selection in a formal cases will be held; experience shows that this process has never a good procedure for anyone who is interested in this art.

This specialty demand more elegant and spacious titles for teaching and gain knowledge. Including: Persian literature, Dramatic literature, English literature, principles of translating, auditory training, rhetoric, vocalization, familiarity with accent and other languages (foundation), popular culture and allegory recognition, personality assessment, mythology, anthropology, introduction to scriptwriting, dialogue principles, (set in dubbing and radio drama), principle of management, dubbing management(specialized) techniques of speech( dubbing, trailer, teaser, documentaries, puppet performance, musical theater, reading poetry and different literary texts) training feeling, acting, fundamental of sound designer and sound making, solfège, familiar with a basic toll in Iranian or world music, principle of sociology, principle of psychology, history, familiarity with relevant software, recognition and hygiene Larynx and… that each one must have been separate courses for students of this field for writing and teaching according to their importance degree.

This field in the beginning of establishment certainly has the capacity to offer in associate’s degree and after that by payment and coherent planning can also consider Bachelor’s degree for it without ambition. Of course for entering students of this field practical test in measured condition, scientific and different of stereotypes must be considered till brevity not taken for individual who deserve.

Even test in several times (such as 3 times) by providing guidance to participants step by step without omission of someone in the premier step and acceptation of superior and progressive people in the last period until his entrance to university system and output of specialize group in the art of Sedabazigar that I could not find the better name for it.

Majid Habibi (Sedabazigar)