• Majid Habibi is an Iranian voice actor who is known for Persian voice acting for films, animations, documentaries, video games, film trailers, television advertisements, radio advertisements, network promotions, radio or audio dramas, puppet shows, audiobooks and television programs.

Majid Habibi music style ( genre ) : Alternative/indie

He was born on December 30, 1981 in Tehran, Iran. He is originally from Sanandaj, kurdistan Province, Iran. His first professional voice work came while working on the 2000 movie The Last Warrior.

He studied Cultural Affairs at Urban Science College and Cultural Management at Soure University.

From a very early age, he showed an interest in learning martial arts such as Judo, Kyokushin, Pro Wrestling, and Wado-Ryu Karate. And then as a young adult, he started to practice Wushu by the famous coaches, Mohammad PourGholami and Masoud Jafari. Due to strong desire for this martial art, he kept on practicing for years and achieved considerable success and became champion and vice-champion in 2000 and 2001 in the state championship. He was also considered as a coach and judge.

In his early thirties, as his heart was filled with longing for dubbing art, he joined the Glory Dubbing Group, while he suffered from slipped disc and had to quit his favorite sport; and that was a time of great sorrow for him. But the attraction of dubbing was so great that he could decrease his sadness and try his best to learn more and more and get experience of it. Admitting that there are thousands of ways to reach the goal, he believes in divine Providence.

Boss Baby in The Boss Baby 2017, Top Cat Top Cat Begins 2015, Blu in Rio 2011 , Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2, Megamind in Megamind 2010, Lightning McQueen in Cars 2006, Mandi in Ice Age: The Meltdown 2006, Superman in Superman returns 2006, Keanu Reeves & Woody Harrelson in A Scanner Darkly 2006, Otis in Barnyard & Back at the Barnyard 2006, Jamie Foxx in Stealth 2005, Eamonn Walker in Duma 2005, Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender 2005, El Cid in El Cid: The Legend 2003, Tarzan in Tarzan 1999. Also some of Iranian film, Animations, theater performance and Viceo game are: Rostam and Sohrab 2012 . Sohrab And Afrasiab Voices, Fish & Cat (2013), Zoro (2014), Red and the Others 2014, Afra, or the Day Passes 2016, Farmandeh 2018, Shabgard 2014, Combat in the gulf of Aden 2012, Zolfaghar 2012, Orient: A Hero’s Heritage 2008.
He Nominated for the best voice actor in first dubbing festival 2012, Best voice actor in second dubbing festival 2013 and Best voice actor in third dubbing festival and nominated for the best dub director 2014.
Majid Habibi has also written a book about Voice acting in 2016 in the name of Sedabazigar(صدابازیگر)