Find your breath; other roles have been sound before

About the author

Majid Habibi is an Iranian voice actor who is known for Persian voice acting for films, animations, documentaries, video games, film trailers, television advertisements, radio advertisements, network promotions, radio or audio dramas, puppet shows, audiobooks and television programs. He graduated from Soore University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Management.

Find your breath; other roles have been sound before.

In Dehkhoda dictionary the term imitation means: to follow, conformance and convey, build things from constructing others and follow the approach and procedure of someone.

What explain in this text is about imitation of Sedabazigari’s profession and its difference with imitator of sound. Some people consciously or unconsciously stimulate the sound of Sedabazigarn( voice actors) while conscience, thought, insight, creativity and the spirit of Sedabazigar cannot imitate ever. And whatever try to stimulates in appearance; the only thing comes to our mind about these people is a vast sea with no depth and without any idea and dependency only the sound to be heard that easy or difficulty trying to stimulate the immortal voices which these imitators just see and hear the appearance of them and with much regret never have contemplation in actors hostelry and repetitive attempts in order to seek, search, effort and pain to breeding intellectual, scientific and creative making of the works.

We must analysis imitators of this art and other arts in our society. Training that establish on imitation is non-creative training that thought and effort for innovation has no place on it.  In education system base on imitator that don’t care to creative production and innovative and pupils and student invited to imitate and devoid of insight and self-knowledge, suffice only to repeat the experiences and writings of others; knowledge, culture, art and science remain on surface and have no progress. We must check the society that on it creativity and new authoring have a less place rather than simulation with no consciousness and initiative and also analysis its education process.

Those who imitate the sound in recreational and entertainments programs such as in congress, happy ceremony and different video and audio programs are very seeable and audible for many.  What seems bad is imitate voice of others in order to get money and sabotage against elders and professional in various field of art, whether consciously or unconsciously and duo to pressure of different factors; this is unappealing and immorality. I don’t talk about imitator of sound in congress and happy ceremony but I mean those who have pretentious and devoid quality act in studio and audio-visual media to earn money or even to spend leisure and entertainment time of themselves and others with lower price of professionals; unfortunately, these people become interest to groups, organization and companies that by supporting them are ready to cooperate only because of their low cost and their material point of view and enter low quality works in social media and consequently decrease art and culture in whole society and cause the audience demand superficial.

The important thing is that we should not abandoned the effort for self-knowledge and growth of personal abilities and unique skills and know that whatever awareness, knowledge and experience of artist grow and try to advance yourself honestly, his followers will be more too; Because unfortunately those who seek perfection and excellence are always a little and those who imitate and go short cut way that seems smooth but are empty of thought and difficulty are many.

It is natural that whatever imitator of professional artist greater and others try to imitate him/her, represent the growing trend of that artist, like a green, firm, thick and soaring tree that represent more productive. His imitators are foul that by continue imitating others, at the end losses.

Artist should not scare of his imitator and instead of wasting his time and focus on margins, must be aware that time is little and for growing in his art cost energy and time because technician always growing fast and if their follower don’t know the truth of themselves, slave of humility forever.

Those who have difficulty in acquisition knowledge and experience with their pure compilation in every technique and art sparkle by their name and memory, were praised and welcome by educated audience; and hope that misguided follower go back detour and placed in the path of excellence by self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Majid Habibi