Always aspire to become Sedabazigar

About the author

Majid Habibi is an Iranian voice actor who is known for Persian voice acting for films, animations, documentaries, video games, film trailers, television advertisements, radio advertisements, network promotions, radio or audio dramas, puppet shows, audiobooks and television programs. He graduated from Soore University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Management.

Always aspire to become Sedabazigar

This text is for numerous requests by people who are interested in voice acting profession to conduct in this field because the lack of academic education leads many to confusion in their interest and talent.

Perhaps people by different idea of little experience and insight in their mind or by stimulates and motivates others far from correct awareness; are eager to test their voice and only mention that they are interested in narration, sometimes because of shallow imitation of some voices find yourself capable for voice acting profession art and perhaps their genius in reporting, host, stand-up comedy, acting on the stage of theatre or in front of camera and… and come to this side wrongly.

Among them there are many who have a pleasing sound at the beginning but the point is here a good sound in ear; even if it has perfect health in terms of physical structure in vocal organ for attain knowledge, insight and domination skills of profession must annoy a lot.

I explain definition and then necessary principle of Voice acting profession for interested people below.

Sedabazigar (voice actor): Sedabazigar is an artist who acts in movie (dubbing animation and other cinematic genre), computer games, narration and radio drama, movie and television trailer, advertising teaser, puppet show, audio opera ( and other audio musical works “combination of acting and singing”), speech documentaries, audiobooks, multimedia software and dyklamasion by their words.

Principles and requirements

  1. The health sound: to enter this profession in Iran because of no special academic education in academic center; the first important thing is familiar with the sound system and recognition and protection of it that you can acquisition knowledge in several books which translate and compiled freely. Among them is the book “set your voice free” written by Roger Lowe and easy interpretation by Siros Navidiyan, Health larynx and song: by Mamar Andevari and ….
  2. Capabilities of acting by voice: for getting skills in acting by voice because of special profession of Sedabizagar is necessary in radio drama, dubbing movie in different genre and also acting by voice in animation instead of fantasy and unreal character and also acting by voice instead of puppet character, is necessary for acquisition of acting skills, reinforcement, identifying and execution different feel and personality and different style of classic and modern acting in order to better understand of characters in different position for the best output of your voice. In this regard, reading books and practices their exercise, watching movie in original language as well as dubbing, watching Persian movie and No-dubbing and pay attention to voices, watching theater and live and recording reading plays, pay attention to your behavior and others in different situation and analysis of all of the above are useful and necessary.
  3. Oratory and solfège: Mention these two important titles together show understanding and importance more clearly. Auditory reinforcement, recognition of respiratory organs and formation of proper breathing in person, strengthen the speech organ, awareness of intensive and shape of species sound in order to creation of different vocalization and produce various interjection, understanding of rhythm, beat and sound step in people, remove the wrong habit of speech and correct pronunciation of letters and.…all show the importance of research and training in rhetoric and learning solfège.
  4. Research in Persian literature, fiction and drama: consequently, Sedabazigar deal with scenario, screenplay, monologues, dialogues and generally the written text in this field. The owner of this art, deal with words and sentences which have rooted in culture and language and must transcendental his theoretical knowledge by study more for showing his practical work with the lowest level.
  5. creativity: creativity and importance of creative minds in every technique and art is evidence of durability, prominence, special and superior distinction to a “work” or “author” which this in not achieved except by thinking, accuracy, distinguish from pure to impure and boldness of clever thought that can combine by slender inspiration and interpretation but not imitated of society, his people and their achievement as well.

As a wellness conclusion of this article should be noted that only brief and short-term studies and exercises have no amazing and appropriate results to lovers of this art must waiting for flourish by endure the hardship of this profession with many practices and probing in many years. Increase awareness in related titles and studying on supplement science such as sociology, psychology, mythology, anthropology, management principles and policy of audio works, principles of translation, sound designer and sound making principles, introduction to a basic instrument in world music and Persian music, familiar with related software and…. All of them are other professional instruments of Sedabigari’s (voice acting) art.


Majid Habibi